BladeEnc Download

Latest version: 0.82 - Release date 990722

Microsoft Windows
Filename Version System Release Date Filesize 0.82 Windows 95/98/NT x86 990723 117 kb 1.0 / 0.82* Windows 95/98/NT x86  DLL 990727 100 kb 0.82 DEC Alpha Windows NT 990727 196 kb 1.0 / 0.82* DEC Alpha Windows NT  DLL 990727 174 kb
* The BladeEnc DLL has two version numbers. The first is the version of the DLL and the second is what version of the encoder engine it's using.
Filename Version System Release Date Filesize
bladeenc-082-linux-i386-glibc.tar.gz 0.82 Linux i386 (glibc) 990722 94 kb
bladeenc-082-linux-i386-static.tar.gz 0.82 Linux i386 (static) 990722 212 kb
bladeenc-082-linux-i586-glibc.tar.gz 0.82 Linux i586 (glibc) 990722 104 kb
bladeenc-082-linux-i586-static.tar.gz 0.82 Linux i586 (static) 990722 222 kb
bladeenc-082-linux-ppc.tar.gz 0.82 Linux PPC (dynamic link) 990730 119 kb
BladeEnc075-alpha-linux_tar.gz 0.75 Linux Alpha 981201 161 kb
BladeEnc-076-mips-linux.tar.gz 0.76 Linux MIPS 990213 154 kb
BladeEnc-076-sparc-linux.tar.gz 0.76 Linux Sparc 990213 127 kb

FreeBSD / OpenBSD / NetBSD / BSD-OS
Filename Version System Release Date Filesize
bladeenc-082-BSD_OS.tar.gz 0.82 BSD/OS 4.x (dynamic link) 990730 103 kb
BladeEnc075-alpha-FreeBSD.tar.gz 0.75 DEC Alpha Free BSD 981127 105 kb

Filename Version System Release Date Filesize
bladeenc-082-solaris-ultra-2.tar.gz 0.82 Solaris (UltraSparc) 990727 118 kb
bladeenc-082-solaris-super-2.tar.gz 0.82 Solaris (SuperSparc) 990727 108 kb
BladeEnc072SunOS_tar.gz 0.72 SunOS (4.1.3) 981025 116 kb
BladeEnc-076-x86-solaris2_6.tar.gz 0.76 Solaris 2.6 x86 990213 164 kb
BladeEnc076-SCO-UW7.pkg.gz 0.76 UnixWare 7 981217 95 kb 0.82 OS/2 991023 126 kb
BladeEnc076-Irix5.tar.gz 0.76 IRIX 5.2 or higher 981217 88 kb
bladeenc-082-irix6.tar.gz 0.82 IRIX 6.2 or higher 991023 155 kb
BladeEnc075-digital-unix.gz 0.75 Digital UNIX 981127 98 kb
BladeEnc075-digital-unix-static.gz 0.75 Digital UNIX (static link) 981127 217 kb
BladeEnc-076-m68k-next.tar.gz 0.76 NeXT 990213 137 kb
BladeEnc-076-hppa-hpux.tar.gz 0.76 HP-UX 990213 158 kb 0.82 BeOS x86 R4+ 990730 109 kb 0.82 MS-DOS (DJGPP) 991023 144 kb

Revision History
Release Date
0.82 990722
  • Bugfix: Skipping header bug from 0.80 and 0.81 finally fixed (by Tord).
  • Bugfix: Input files without extension are now handled correctly (fixed by Marc Schefer).
  • Bugfix: The -swap switch now works properly (fixed by Olaf Pueschel).
  • Fixed incorrect defines for WIN32_ALPHA (reported by Lennart Börjeson).
  • Minor compilation fixes and defines for SCO OpenServer (provided by John DuBois).
0.81 990630
  • Bugfix: 8 bit samples no longer crash the program (fixed by Kevin Doherty).
  • Now compiles correctly under egcs (thanks to Milan Hodoscek).
  • Linux Sparc defines added (by Wesley Hosking).
  • Bugfix: AIFF-samples can now be loaded (fixed by Jon Watte).
  • Bugfix: BitHolder Overflow (Dmitri Kalintsev).
  • Bugfix: Batch processing in 0.80 generated broken MP3's for all files except the first (reported by Simon Burge, fixed by Tord).
  • Makefile added to source distribution (provided by William Thompson).
0.80 990628
  • License changed from simply being "free binaries" to the Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Sourcecode now available.
  • Removed last fragments of copyrighted code and took the opportunity to tidy up and optimize the affected routines. Removed potential bug and a minor memory leak as well.
  • Ripped out the entire key handling since it never worked quite the way it should. Encoding is now interrupted with CTRL-C and not Escape under all UNIX-systems and CTRL-G works as supposed to.
  • Added support for STDOUT. All normal text output is done through STDERR if one or more files use STDOUT for output.
  • Fixed the ETA so it won't show negative values when encoding large files.
  • Added switch for left/right channel swap: -SWAP.
  • Added switch to disable output: -QUIET
  • Added switch for only encoding left channel: -LEFTMONO.
  • Added switch for only encoding right channel: -RIGHTMONO.
  • Changed homepage to
  • Added support for STDIN.
  • Got rid of a lot of compilation warnings and got the code compatible with g++.
  • Added displaying of encoding rate for each encoded file.
  • Added abbreviations for some switches.
  • Fixed broken checksum (CRC) generation. The -CRC switch now generates correct checksums instead of zeroes.
  • Only waiting for key press before quiting on systems where this is considered as a good thing (Windows and OS/2).
0.76 981217
  • -OUTDIR switch added for specifying output directory.
  • URL changed back to the old working one :(
  • Internal changes to make the code cleaner and easier to port.
  • One or two minor bugs fixed.
0.75 981127
  • Speed increased with 8%.
  • Internal changes to allow for the DLL.
  • Minor bug fixed: A totally harmless additional byte seems to have been appended to most MP3 files in all previous versions, probably inherited from the original ISO source.
  • Speed increased with 14%.
  • URL to homepage in program changed to
  • Two minor (and then I really mean minor) bugs removed
  • All Asserts commented out so we no longer get any "assertion failure" errors on certain ports when encoding certain samples.
0.70 980830
  • Speed increased with 40%.
  • Major internal changes to make it even easier to port BladeEnc to other systems.
  • The -PRIO switch now works as it was supposed to.
  • The MP3 is now saved under the specified name and path when running in L3Enc emulation mode.
  • The error message "ERROR: Sample '[sample]' is not in 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz!" is now displayed with the correct sample name instead of some garbage.
  • Improved wildcard support. BladeEnc no longer believes it shall encode a folder ending with ".WAV" when entering "*.WAV".
  • Speed increased with more than 60% !
  • -PRIO switch added to the commandline switches, so you easily can select any task priority you want for BladeEnc.
  • Priority is now by default set to LOWEST so that BladeEnc doesn't affect the performance of other simultaneously running programs more than necessary.
  • AIFF-support added.
  • Bug that prevented files bigger than 256 MB to be encoded removed.
  • Some internal changes to make BladeEnc easier to compile for other operating systems than Windows.
0.51 980614
  • Removed bug in v0.50 that could make BladeEnc crash if you entered the name of a WAV that didn't exist.
  • L3Enc Emulation mode added! Now you can use L3Enc frontends with BladeEnc!
  • The MP3's original-flag is now set by default. -COPY switch added in case someone wants to clear the original-flag.
0.42 980606
  • Fixed serious bug that affected the sound quality of the output.
  • Speed increased by 18 %.
  • -QUIT switch added.
0.40 980531 First released version.