Here is my personal link-collection, maybe you'll find something you like...

    Game Related

UDS This is the game developer I work for. Come in and take a look at our latest products!


Reliable Software A very nice site with some very well written articles and courses on how to write compact, system friendly and reliable code. I really recommend this site for anyone who is into C/C++, Java or Windows programming in general, no matter if you're a beginner or experienced programmer.

    MP3 Related Probably the biggest MP3-related site on the net. Regularly updated and with a lot of stuff. Here you can also find the latest MP3 News and some legal MP3s.
MP3 Haven A good starting point for people interested in trying out various MP3 Players, Encoders, Decoders, Rippers etc.
MP3' Tech This MP3 Site has a nice selection of source code for encoders and players, including the original ISO-source that BladeEnc is based on.
Daily Updated MP3 Software This page has the most complete list of MP3 software I've ever seen. All the latest MP3 Players, Encoders, CD-Rippers, FrontEnds etc can be downloaded from here.
UsE! UsE! is "The User Oriented MP3 Encoding Guide" and includes quality and speed tests of all the popular MP3 encoders. I found the quality tests here to be more true to reality than those found at Also remember that these tests are performed at 128 kBit and that BladeEnc is geared for higher bitrates...
ID3v2 The homepage for the ID3v2 standard for tagging MP3 files. A lot of info about both ID3v1 and ID3v2 can be found here as well as ID3Lib, the recommended library for handling ID3v2 frames.

    Aquarium Related

Aquarium.Net This site focuses on Reef Aquariums and is presented as an online magazine that is updated every month. It has a very good "back-issues" library with aquarium related articles and it also includes an Atlas over marine fishes and plants.