Some info about me...

My name is Tord Jansson,  I'm 24 years old and live in Norrköping, Sweden.
I spend most of my time working as a team leader and programmer for a Swedish game developer called UDS.

During my small fragments of spare-time I try to do a bit of different things: I'm jogging, playing floorball and occasionally go to a gym in order to keep myself in shape. I'm keeping an aquarium since I like to have a small world of my own to take care of. I also spend some time reading and listening to music in order to keep the non-technical side of my intellect from starving and then, of course, I'm working on my MP3 Encoder.

Since I'm a real sucker for music and can't help but collecting things I like, I have more than embraced the MP3-format which allows for easy transition and cheap, high-quality storage of digital music. I think you could call me an MP3 addict. I spent a lot of time not only ripping and encoding music, but also scanning the net for different encoders, comparing the quality and compression speed and reading what other people thought about them.

When I some time ago stumbled upon the original reference code for ISO's MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) encoder, I decided to make my own MP3-Encoder since there was none that really suited me. A while ago I came up with something that I thought maybe would interest some fellow MP3 fanatics, so I decided to release my encoder and therefore I also made this homepage.