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- After Chips parody of MIDNIGHT EXPRESS he suddenly has the telephone in his hand again.

- Steven turns the TV on because SLEEPLESS IN SEATLLE is starting. But after Chip "repairs" the cable connection, there's a scene on which is supposed to appear later in the movie.


- The young Bruce Wayne falls into the cave. He looses the red book while he falls down, but he has the book in his hands again after he arrives.

- You can see the Riddler waiting in the background before he meets Twoface the first time. Watch the right corner when the camera moves away from Twoface.

- At the end, when Twoface is confronted by Batman, you can see a safety net below him. But you can't see it when he falls down.


- At the coco bongo, when The Mask is dancing with Tina, his hat is seen in some shots, not in others.

- While in Mrs. Peenmans's hall, just before she shoots him, his hands switch paces on the mallet. In the first shot, his left hand is on the bottom, right hands on the top. In the other two shots, it is vice-versa.

- Stanley in prison: The toiletpaper on the toilet disappears inexplicably.

- Sometimes Stanley's pajama jacket is tucked into his trousers, sometimes it hangs over his trousers.

- Stanley gets a visit by Peggy in the bank. The newspaper on his suitcase lays in a different way than Charlie put it there.

- The search through the Mask's pockets in the Landfill Park: The police guy takes things out of his pockets which you can see on the floor before he takes them out.

- The Mask Tyrell gets 8 hits by bullets, after this he spits 15 bullets.

- Milo grabs the flying wooden mask. He bites into the chin of the mask, but one second later he has the mask in a different position in his mouth.


- When the guy says sorry white Devil I must kill you now and he throws the spear at Ace the one he throws it at is a lot bigger than the other.

- Ace's watch always shows the same time.

- Ace discovers the counselor: The chess table is suddenly empty.

- Are there "Zucchinis" in Africa?

- Are there jaguars, tigers, indian elephants, crocodiles or skunks in Africa?

- Ace lands in the dust while he fights against the Wachootoo. You can see the mat below the sand which should be an upholstery for the stuntman.

- When Ace is tied up to the raft you can see on the stream at the end of his head that the raft is fixed. There are waves which wouldn't be there if the raft were real.

- Search for a parking space: Ace tears the steering wheel to the right, but the tires are aligned to the left. And suddenly the jeep turns over toward the other direction.


- Lt. Einhorn doesn't have the ring when she falls into the water.

- The box in the closet in which Ace wants to hide himself changes a lot of times.

- Begining: Ace places the box on the floor. He has the box in his hands again when the door opens.

- The position of the toy dog in proportion to the door.

- End: When Ace embraces Melissa, the position of his arms changes.


- Lloyd's watch at the begining reads 2:15. Is this an accident or is his watch (like Ace's watch) always the same time?

- Lloyd waits in the bar for Mary. He has two bottles of beer in front of him, but the waiter gives him the second one for free just a few seconds later.

- Lloyd grabs the barkeeper at the collar. He grabs him with his left hand, but in the next scene you can see him grabbing the barkeeper with his right hand.

- The landscapes you can see from the inside and outside of the car are not always the same.

- The things on the tables in the snack bars where Lloyd and Harry go to eat seem to have their own lives. Knives, glasses, cups, jugs... everything seemes to be in different positions from scene to scene. s


- Johnny Square wears the bracelet on his right arm, but in the caravan he suddenly wears it on the left arm.

- Johnny's arm has no pricks when he sets the syringe up, but the arm shows some pricks after he's dead.


- Wiploc drives Woody's car, and suddenly when he brakes hard and some stuff falls out of the car, Zebo is on the steering wheel. Sometime later Wiploc is on the steering wheel again.

- In the disco: Wiploc finishes some ice cubes in his glass, and Candy comes and grabs him in his face. When she pushes him back, her hand is on his shoulder.


- In the rapid downhill drive of Bobby, you can see in the back that his trousers are torn.