-40 Degree Celsius

The Raid Leif
Ice Racing
-40 Degree Celsius
Trouble Shooting

Survive with Your CitroŽn in the winter.


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Tip: an important modification you have to do to the 2.0 liter engine, to make it run in cool temperatures.

The engine has an oil pipe in the front of the motor (marked with yellow).

In cool weather a large amount off cool air blow trough the radiator and to the pipe.

Condensate in the pipe may freeze and the return oil flow will be choked. Major damage!

Solution: Wrap a warm water hose close together with the oil pipe (marked whit red).

Isolate the water horse and oil pipe (marked which blue).

Don't forget check the antifreeze level in the cooling system.

And if you have a well served suspension system the car will run

quite smooth even below -40 į Celsius.


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