This site is dedicated only to those who really like the Nintendo G&W-series and wants a little revival of their youth. Say Donkey Kong and even a really old person knows what you are talking about. I think its time for us who remember the eighties with joy, all new computer and video games and the rest of the new technical improvements, to start collect items from this period before they are gone forever. And i think that G&W:s is a good start.

And you who are or are going to be an eighties-collector, go on with it. This is the right moment to start and i will never forget the prime period of my life!!!

The contain of this homepage will only be pictures and my own reviews of the games. And my have/trade/wantlist and a little speedmetal talks of course. Simple but enough. No heavy duty shit! Easy and understandable. Its only the nostalgic value that counts. The english in this site ain’t always that happening but who cares!!

A big thanks! goes to Rikard Ljungkvist (Kumla-Rikard) Without him this collection would only be a fragment of what it is. "Snyggt jobbat Rik" och lycka till med ditt sista Odysséy-spel. (vad skall du göra när du har fått tag i det?..... fira, supa, samla på nåt annat??)

Have fun!



P.S For you who absolutely want to help me with the completion of my collection, mail me! I will of course buy anything not! on my havelist




All Credits goes to Mattias Hult, Banne and my self Christer Carlbom of Moshing Software for Kreat(or)ing this homepage. Without us this palace would be....................nothing!!!!

All reviews and scanning are made by Crille.C

All images and titles are copyrighted to Nintendo, and only used in a non-commersial purpose.


Tack skall du ha Hult och Mappa Patts!!!!!!!