Fun to know about G&W

When i have played all my games i’ve found out some different things with them. Just fun to know and if you know something i don’t, please mail me about it.

If you take off the battery cover when you play and wriggle the batteries some very weird stuff can appear. (if you are lucky) I don’t do this now, don’t know if it’s good for the game, but i remember playing Donkey Kong when i was little and sometimes i got: Two Mario, Three Donkey Kongs, VERY slow barrels and stuff like that. Give it a try and reach new dimensions!

Almost every G&W have a test mode when you put the batteries in; all LCD:s shows at the same time. But after a few years Nintendo took it away. Don’t know why, but these are the games who don’t have test mode:

Blackjack, Bombsweeper, Safebuster, Goldcliff, Zelda, Super Mario Bros (both New Wide and Crystalscreen), Climber (both New Wide and Crystalscreen), Ballonfight (both New Wide and Crystalscreen) and Mario the Juggler.

WRONG! Thanks to Jason Oliver from Australia all info above are wrong. They all have a testmode. These are Jasons own words:
1. Remove the battery cover and the Batteries 2. Hold down the Jump/Eject button 3. Now with your other hand Place and Hold the Batteries in their sockets. You should now see all the characters at once. NOTE: Sometimes it doesn't work - it all depends on how you hold the Batteries - but once you've got the PICTURE - it will stay there until you release the Batteries or the Jump Button. For GoldCliff and Zelda you follow the same steps but I think you press CONTINUE instead of JUMP. day - here's hoping Jason Oliver

On a few games you can also press some of the game buttons simultaniously to get the testscreen (same as you push ACL):

Turtlebridge: Time + left button + right button

Fire Attack: Time + lower left button + lower right button

Snoopy Tennis: Time + left button + lower right button

DK j.r: Time + right button + lower button

Manhole "new wide": Time + lower left + lower right

Oil panic: Time + both buttons

Donkey Kong: Time + down-right

Mickey and Donald: Time + down on left button + right on right button

Greenhouse: Time + down-right

Donkey Kong2: Time + down-right

Squish: Time + down on left button + left on right button

Mario Bros: Down on both buttons

D.K j.r Panorama: Time + down-right

In Lifeboat you can turn the game on if you press: Left button, right button and time in that order. Or: right, left, time. Odd!!

In Oil Panic you can get 4 misses before it’s game over.

In Mickey Mouse you can get 6 misses, but only if Minnie appears when you miss.

If you hold the time button in when you press the game button in Ballonfight, you’ll get to the 17:th level when it starts.

Bombsweeper is the only game which has only one control-panel

In every game you get an opportunity to get rid of your misses at a certain point. If you don’t have any misses at this point you instantly get into "blinkmode"; Your point doubles. Different games have different blinkmode level: TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!