Balloon fight (BF-803)

Released: 1986

Last of all Crystalscreens! As with the other Crystals it has a twin in a New Wide Screen version. You are about to catch some ballons flying around. With help you got yourself a jetpack. At 20 points you get into blinksmode and you get two points per balloon instead of one and a little later the pillars you stand on also start to blink. If you press up or down button at that time you warp right up to the bonus stage. Here you have limited time to fetch as many ballons as possible and then it's back to the beginning. Do this four times and you get to the boss stage. Not bad to have a boss in a G&W game, it doesn't happen that often and it almost feels like you are playing a videogame.......well, not really!..To begin with it’s quite easy but it soon gets much harder when the ballons are covered with sharp obstacles and other thingies.
Fun game and thanks Nintendo for throwing in the extra background to slip over the game!!

Rating: 82%