Donkey Kong j.r (DJ-101)

Released: 1982

DK J.R was the first of the "New Wide Screen". There isn’t much of a change compared with the ordinary "Wide" but there are a few things worth mentioning: Instead of the text "Wide Screen" at the front of the game Nintendo has throwed in......yes, the text Nintendo. Another thing is that the case of the game is two coloured. The "wide" had the same colour all over it, and they have also put the main characters at the front.(well, they did that to some wides to but only the games with copyright characters) Otherwise there is nothing new! The game itself has a great similarity with Donkey Kong 2. DK is caged and little J.R must come to the rescue and as always Mr Mario as the cagekeeper. It takes place in a jungle and you must avoid something who is best described as wandering jaws and as in DK2 you also have some birds who makes it a little more difficult. Another cool thing they have throwed in is some kind of bonuspointfruit, (wonder if that word stands in the encyklopedia). If you jump up to the fruit on the second platform and have a jaw, bird and another jaw, (from top to down), the fruit will smash them after each other and you’ll recieve a few more points for that! You must unlock the chains four times to release Donkey.

Very fun and there is something happening all the time. Not as hard as DK2 (thank god!) but a great challenge anyway!

Rating: 88%