Donkey Kong j.r (CJ-93)

Year released: 1983


Can’t really believe this one! Have we finally got a Donkey kong beater? Well, not really, but almost! It exactly the same as the Tabletop one (but completely different from the "new wide") but of course much cooler in Panorama. The only thing that differs is the way you steer your character. Must say that it’s a little harder to steer with the haircross than the Tabletop-stick and because of this it gets 1% more rating.(yes, thank me!!) As always Donkey senior is trapped and caged (wired!) by Mario, and all you have to do is release him so you can party once again. To get to him you must get the key, avoid some birds, and cling some lians. Near to DK comes some umbrellas fallinī from the sky which you must grab. Next to them comes the ballons and when you have grabbed one of those you just put your key in one of Donkeys chains (they are moving up and down so it’s not as easy as it sounds) Do this four times and he’s released. You get a miss when you getting hit by a bird or loose the grip from the umbrella or the balloon. As in DK J.R "new widescreen" you also have a nut which you can jump up to and release, and when it falls you can hit some birds standing in its way. The more birds in a row the more points you get. This game has done the test of time and it still stands! Absolutely brilliant!!!...

Rating: 95%