Donkey Kong (DK-52)

Year released: 1982


Well, what do we have here?.....isn’t it??...Yes it’s the Nintendo Game & Watch personified. DK is Game & Watch. Ask whoever you want, and don’t they know it? Released just a few days after Oil Panic but i think that everyone knew that this was it. Gorgeous graphics, exellent gameplay, hard as hell, great challenge and it’s orange colour with a strange pattern reminding of those tiny little namesigns stickers we all had (most girls though). I think a Mr Mario made his debut here and i think it’s the best game of ‘em all and the nostalgic value is unike! Mario must save his belowed princess from a great f**k with this donkey ape Kong who’s standing at a buildingbalk looking dangerous. He tries to throw some barrels at our hero but thats like trying to take down the moon. The balk which Donkey stands on is upholded with four wires and at the end of the ladder there is a lever to pull and when’s done, one wire loses from the balk. Repeat this four times and the ape bounces right in the concrete. And then it’s time for some make out with the princess. Lucky one!!! Cute and violent.... Don’t know how many hours i’ve spend on this one but i think it’s a few. My highscore was 3800 points and i remember that i was best in town with that. The trick was to stand at the bottom and just jump. After a while it got so fast you could hardly see the barrels. But if you managed to jump over as many barrels as possible, remember i jumped over about 2000!, and when you missed it was the same speed as in the beginning. Easy way to catch some points.

Full pool!

Rating: 97%