Donkey Kong 2 (JR-55)

Year released: 1983

If you thought Greenhouse was difficult, it’s nothing compared to this one. DK2 is the hardest of all G&W:s. There aren’t many points before it’s game goodbye. Can’t believe it!! I try to be very cautious each time i play, but no! It won’t go any further. DK2 is the result of it’s predecessor Donkey Kong. With so many units sold, Nintendo couldn’t resist to do a sequel and the DK-series are the only having sequels. They even produced a third one. It reminds strongly about DK. but i must say it has more in common with DK j.r. But the barrels is changed to lightning wires and birds. You take the role as Dk j.r who want to save his papa. (he was busted at last) He was chackeled and chained almost going insane by his keeper Mario and suffers really bad! First you must collect a key at the lower screen. When’s done the key takes a trip to the upper screen where you must get it also. When you have unlocked one chain (theres four of them) you must go down to take the key again. Not start from the beginning accordingly! This is a little different from the other games. Not as fun as it’s prequel but a cheer good entertainment anyway! Too bloody hard!!!!

Rating: 85%