Greenhouse (GH-54)

Year released: 1983

I think that Greenhouse was one of the more unusual multis when the time begave. If you want time to go fast, play this one. Almost from the beginning you is forced to fingerbashed the whole thing. Spray, spray,spray, down, spray, spray, up!!!............Arghh! You must save your plants in a greenhouse and the only help you got is a bugcan. Simple but effective! At the upper screen you have some worms climbing some vines and they don’t yield for a fast meal. And in the lower you have Arachnophobia 2. The spiders must been take care of with preventive purpose or they will come when you least except it. It’s quite easy but when you come to the 1000 border it’s goodbye. Everytime i play i have no misses at 1000 points but only 10 points more (max) it’s gameover. So hard i can’t believe it. Very cool game.

Rating: 87%