Mario Bros (MW-56)

Year released: 1983

Mario Bros differs from the other multis because you flip it like a book. Not up and down. There are three different ones. They are described with one word: Splitvision, soo cool and so hard. You can say that it’s different action in each screen all the time and i think they all are my favorite ones. As you can hear on the name you got really heavy actors in this one: Mario and Luigi. Probably the most recognizable characters in the history of videogames. They stand on each side and are about to load some slabs on a assembly line to each other. I think they go throw some oven! really don’t know! When they reached the top its up to Luigi to load them on a truck and when it’s full they got a well earned break. They actually sit down for a while and the only thing’s missing is their lunchbox. It has a lot of running up and down. It requires, as i said before, a lot split-vision to manage this game. Very addictive and brain damageing. Very good playvalue which holds for a long time. Great!!!!

Rating: 90%