Mickey Mouse (MC-25)

Year released: 1981

This game is quite unique in the world of G&W:s. The reason for this is that another game was released at the same time as MM namely Egg. It had exactly the same theme only that Mickey was changed for a big bad wolf. And i think it makes a little more sense to have a wolf collecting the eggs rather than the sweet Mickey Mouse but that’s up to each and one. MM was released in Japan and Egg in Europe/US. Probably a copyright problem. Otherwise the games are exactly identical. It's clear red colour puts some thoughts about beeing a girlie-game and as i remember it, that was so!

Your are supposed to collect eggs streaming down four halfpipes in front of a chicken yard, only with a cute little basket for help. As with many G&W:s it get quite fast at 1000 points. And after reaching that, it's almost impossible to collect any more, and it’s get very omeletty in the end. One cool thing is that if Minnie comes out from her window when you miss you only get a half miss!! That means that you can miss 6 times before it’s game over. Not that good but it’s fun to see Mickey in action. And we will meet him soon again!

Rating: 70%