Mickey and Donald (DM-53)

Year released: 1982


One of three G&W:s with Disney characters and there are lots of them: Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and the hero itself namely Donald Duck. Can’t understand why Mickey have the honour to appear in three G&W:s when they got Donald. Donald rules!!.. or as we say in swedish: Kalle Anka suger pung (tribut till Onkel Kånkel) Undrar hur många som förstod detta? Have just like the other Mickey-games a distincuish red colour but this time it’s not a girlie-game. It’s burning, looting, raping, shooting. Well not really! You have Mr Donald at the roof of a skyscraper with his fire-engine hose, acting fireman. The fire is coming closer and closer but nothing can stop him. Except for this damn waterleak which Mr Mickey must stop at once. Sometimes a big waterbulb comes up the tube. Goofy is very lazy and when mickey leaves the pumping the water of course slows down, leaving Donald a sitting "duck"!. When the fire is extinguished Mickey gets a well earned kiss from Minnie. This was the first which Nintendo used the main characters on it’s cover, instead of this "pattern thingie" on the earlier ones. It’s quite easy to get high points but you also have this split-vision problem. Get’s a little higher rating because of the characters but it’s sheer fun anyway! I remember that my brother and i got 8000 points on it, but of course we used one character each!

Rating: 87%