Oil Panic (OP-51)

Year released: 1982


After Oil Panic was released, the G&W world never was the same. Now you got two screens instead of one and twice the fun. Maybe that was a little optimistic but i remember that i thought i was holding the future in my hands and hoped that the fun would never stop. An easy way to get friends in the beginning of the eighties was... yes!.... to buy a multi and get one.A little exaggerated maybe but it lies an ounce of truth in it. I remember a few who got new mates just because of this. The singlescreeners became single in one day, goodbye!!! Unfortunately i didn’t like Oil Panic that much but it was probably because i had Donky Kong instead. And compared to that one, Oil Panic was crap! Anyway! if you didn’t like to collect oil before you probably will now. Oil is dripping from some pipes in a gasstation and your task is running with your bucket and prevent some slippery floor. Why the oil is there and in pipes at the roof is up to your imaginations. When your bucket is full it’s right out of the window to tap it to two guys below running back and forth. The game is unique because it’s the only one who let you miss four times. Two at the upper screen and two below. It reminds strongly about the later "Tropical Fish" except the lower-screen action of course. If you give it a try you will find that it’s a really nice game. Not the best one around and needs a little more to compete in the high series.

Rating: 85%