Popeye (PP-23)

Year released: 1981

Popeye is one of those characters who’s been around for a few times in the G&W:s. Three times to be exactly and this was his first one. You have taking place in a rowboat (it seems that you are going to a rowboat vacation with Olivia) and are trying to collect some items that she throws at you. (bottles, cans and pineapples) You have three "catch"directions to use and the only place you are safe in is the middle one. Of course Brutus is here and he does everything he can to interupt the honeymoon. At Game A he stands at the left trying to slam you with an hammer. In Game B, he stands both at right and left trying doing the same only that he uses his fists on the right side. You can miss in two different ways; by getting hit with Brutus or if you miss an item. Much harder on Game B than A and a funny little game. No spinach though.

Rating: 83%