Rainshower (LP-57)

Year released: 1983

Nintendo must have liked the "book" multiscreens. They released them just after each other and i think it’s not a coinsidense. I think they are some of the best and i really like the design. As said before these games i a good example of trying peoples split-vision capacity and Rainshower is no exeption. In true G&W-spirit you shall avoid getting your laundry wet. It’s constantly raining and the only thing you has to do is to pull your laundry line to avoid the drops and remain dry. Very "clean" and breathtaking. Bloody hard but who cares, with this sheer entertainment you can go on and on as long as you want. And no quarters, it’s for free. in Game B you have a crowsucker who draws the laundry line to the raindrops and make your life much more difficult.

Good fun!

Rating: 90%