Super Mario bros (YM-801)

Released: 1986

Almost as cool as the Panorama G&W:s are the Crystalscreens. Almost as thin as a creditcard and the screen is completely transparent i.e you can see right thru it!..You can use it at any background but it’s clearest when placed at a bright background. Nintendo has been so nice to us, they even throwed in an extra background, a plastic cover with some well designed art in the back! Yeah,,thanks!!!! As always you are about to save your belowed princess. To do that you must jump, jump, jump and jump. The only thing you has to do is to jump, jump and jump on platforms in different directions. When the screen scrolls your "point-timer" counts down. When it counts zero the princess shows up and you get your points and the half kingdom. Quite alike its Nes-brother but unfortunately no Bowser or Koopas. Although it's identical with its "New Wide" brother it gets a little higher rating just because its a Crystalscreen. Im so glad having them all!!!

Rating: 80%