Ball (AC-01)

Released: 1980

Yes!!!! Finally! Ball is probably the hardest G&W to find these days. Cool thing that the first and last (Mario the Juggler) G&W are based on a juggling theme, and except that MTJ have a "little" more distinguished look, the games are practically identical. There are also a two other things, that i noticed right away, which despatch from the other G&W:s.
The time display doesn't have a colon (:) between the hours and minutes, so it looks that it stand 1200 instead of 12:00.
The three misses that almost every G&W have are something that Ball doesn't care of, only one try then goodbye.Well, Nintendo couldn't have thought of everything, could they? In Game A you juggle with two balls, in Game B three, and just as in MTJ you recieve10 points/ball instead of 1 in Game B. The game then? Fun? Ehhhh....Nope! To easy and to short but it's number UNO and that's a thing to count in.

Rating: 70%