Bombsweeper (BD-62)

Year released: 1987

In Bombsweeper a really bad guy called dynamite Jack is running around town underground and planting bombs wherever he goes. But the policeman and your character, John Solver won’t let him get away with that. The upper screen shows aboveground and the lower screen shows underground. The action takes place in the lower screen where Dynamite Jack plants some bombs. Your task is to retrieve and disarm the bombs before the timer returns to zero. The fact that the underground screen is a maze won’t make things easier. To get to the bombs you must often push the walls to clear your way. You can’t pull the walls or push it forward if there is another wall ahead. So think first and act later and let it go fast. When you have cleared 15 displays a bonusstage appears and it differs quite a lot from the other action. This is a thinking mans game and i like it alot. You feel the stress almost from the start but it’s nothing compared to what you feel after awhile. Very good!!!

Rating: 87%