Chef (FP-24)

Released: 1981

Chef is probably the rarest of all widescreens, (together with Egg) and i was very happy when i got it. The playability in Chef ain’t the best though. The action takes place in a kitchen and your task is to throw and catch different food-species. They are, from left to right: pancakes, sausages, fishes and steaks. As with a few other widescreens, Nintendo has of course throwed in something that makes it a little harder. (remember the palmtree in Parachute and first floor in Fire anyone?) A cat!!, and he like pancakes.. From and then he catches your pancake and release it when you least expect it. When you miss a hungry rat on the floor, equipped with a fork, runs out and collect your "foodie". In game A you juggle with three food species and in game B four. Must say i find it quite hard and VERY G&W.
Neat game!!

Rating: 80%