Crab Grab (UB-202)

Released: 1984

The last of the only two Super Color is Crab Grab. It's front is exactly the same as Spitball Sparky, shining silver. Cool! The differences are only the buttons, red in Crab and black in Spitball, and of course the so called color. Vertical in Crab and Horizontal in Spitball. The game then?? Well, it's cheer fun all the time if you like pushing crabs there is. You have taking the role as Mr sunbather. In front of you are a whole bunch of crabs. Your task is to push each and other, and when you do the crab disappears and reappears at your back. When you have touched them all, and have no one standing still in the front, you end the "stage" and begin with more crabs. There are quite much zick-zacking between them because they come all the time, in different times.. It reminds a little of IQ on Sony Playstation and if you have played it you know what's going on. Very G&W but also not at the same time. Cool!!!

Rating: 85%