Donkey Kong J.R (CJ-71)

Year released: 1983

At the start of 83 a new kind of the Nintendo G&W was about to see the daylight. It was called Tabletop and differed completely from the others; everything was now in colour. I think they use the same technique as the black/white ones with liquid crystals although in colour. If you take a closer look at it, you have the actual screen in the top of the tabletop, but it’s upside down. It's then projected into a mirror so it’s turned the right way when you play. It’s impossible to play if it’s dark around you, you must have some kind of lightsource which has to light threw it’s half transparent screen making it visible to the mirror. Soooo damn cool! Not as cool as the panorama though but they use the same princip. I don’t review the DK J.R here. It’s identical with the Panorama so i do the review there instead.