Flagman (FL-02)

Year released: 1980

Hmmm...Flagman goes straight up in the G&W original, or should i say odd, hall of fame. BlackJack and Pinball have struggled with each other about the first and second place of "not G&W-type game" but they are both picked down by Flagman. Maybe Judge also does the same but i can't tell that because i don't have it...yet! But that's not all, Flagman consists by two completly different games, well almost that is.
In Game A your character gives you one move, by either his arms or legs. When's done he continues the sequence with, first the same move, then a new one, and you can guess how hard it turns when you must remember 30 moves after each other. Impossible, and of course you have a time limit too. In Game B on the other hand you have to think fast, very fast. Flagman gives you a number and you must pick the right number with the right button. As you can see in the picture the buttons are numbered a little strange, button 1 and 2 are placed left/right instead of up/down, probably to make it harder? Even here is a time limit who gets shorter and shorter.
Flagman is a game which last for about 5 minutes, and i don't believe that Nintendo sold many units. Stinks!

Rating: 30%