Manhole (MH-06)

Year released: 1981

First out of 81 and the gold series. There are only three of a kind and the size is just the same as the Silver ones and it’s the same tiny little screen as before. The only difference is a goldcolour cover instead of silver, and the games of course!! The task in Manhole is to cover some... Yes! manholes, so the silly pedestrians who’s strolling about in straight lines all over the screen won’t fall in. If they do.....a gruesome death’s waiting!.. It’s one hole in every corner to cover and the character look quite funny when he’s carrying the manhole lid. But that’s all folks! Nintendo must have liked this one because it was re-released in 1983 as the third New Wide Screen. Not that fun, but very nostalgic. You can do better Nintendo!

Rating: 60%