Mario the Juggler (MJ-108)

Year released: 1991

Last one of all Nintendo Game & Watches (if you apart from the mythic Tetris j.r who’s said to exist) And even if the game ain’t turned on, you clearly see that a Mr Mario (again) stands in the background. Nintendo couldn’t just let their biggest hero be away from the last game of ‘em all. As the title says, Mario is a juggler. At Game A you have three items in the air, and in Game B, four. In Game B you also get some help???....more like aggravate, to me, from Lakitu and the Hammer bros! Only one point per juggle in Game A and 10! points in Game B and i think it’s the highest ever in a G&W and you get 1000 points very quickly. It also has a very distinquish yellow colour which make it one of the nicest one around. Very fun and learning. Gets a little higher rating for the characters available. Anyway!, must thank Nintendo for all these years from the highschool days to present. They are starting to disappear now, slowly but sure. Who knows what the antiques roadshow will say in 20 years when we have ‘em all. -Well, i shouldn’t be surprised if you get 20 000 for them.

Dream on!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P

Rating: 88%