Octopus (OC-22)

Year released: 1981

At first look Octopus looks quite advanced and cool. A huge octopus with mighty tentacles covers almost the entire screen (big in LCD terms). And there you are, the brave diver in some old fashioned diverssuit who doesn’t think at all before going down to the treasure and danger. But as with a few other G&W:s its only a fasade. Maybe it affected those pre-teenagers in the eighties and it was probably a good stand if you wanted some new friends at the same time. But they probably left you after a while. Octopus tends to be quite boring after a short period of time (not THAT boring though) Going up and down in the water all the time ain’t that fun. It’s quite hard to master and the tentacles goes very fast after a while. It’s only because of the heavy look it gets quite high rating.

Rating: 79%