Parachute (PR-21)

Year released: 1981

First out of the widescreen which meant, compared to the originals who i think was a little more inhospitable, bigger screen, greater look and a little more colourfriendly. And i think it’s like this we’re used to see the most common Nintendo G&W. The screen consists of a big helicopter (up to the right), a rowboat and a shark who lurks down in the black water. Your task is to recieve some parachutists with your rowboat before they plop into the water and became sharkfood. If you choose Game B the plot complicates because the parachutist to the most right, sometimes get stuck in a palmtree and come loose when you least expect it. Despite of its simpleness, only three button pushes in each direction, a true classic and i think that this one, together with Fire, is the one we recognize most of ‘em all.

So easy but so hard. Good work Nintendo!!!

Rating: 90%