Popeye (PG-92)

Year released: 1983

Panorama screen are the coolest of all G&W:s. Quite similar to the tabletop, i.e the screen is upsidedown, projecting through a mirror turning it right and in colour of course. The size is almost like an ordinary "multi" and you flip it just as the same. Can’t really express my feelings when i hold one of these, but it’s quite extraordinary.

I thank Nintendo for releasing these ones, what should the world be without them?

Popeye itself isn’t that good, but because it’s Panorama you’ll think it’s soo good. Olivia is here of course, and Brutus, and the main man itself ; spinach eater Popeye. As usual the plot for Popeye is to save his damsels in distress, Olivia. She is tied up on a platform and can only watch Popeye and Brutus having a really good fight. If you hit Brutus as much so he falls into the water on the left side your spinach can pops up and head for Olivia. If you do this three times, Olivia kicks the can so you can reach it. If you don’t, you’ll have to start all over again but if you get it, just relax and Popeye gets computer driven and hit Brutus automatically into the water. Done!!!!

Soo good! (why?, yes it’s a Panorama)

Rating: 85%