Safebuster (JB-63)

Year released: 1988

Must say that i really like Safebuster. At the upper screen you have a badguy with a big ugly nose throwing old fashion bombs down to the valve in a bank. You have the role as a bank-care-taker who of course will be fired at once if one of the bombs detonate. You have at your disposal some sort of pick up pipe which fits three bombs. When it’s full you just empty it in some sort of oven, and you can choose which side and shutter you wan’t to empty it in. If you empty it on the right, it disappears in flames but if you empty it on the left a walking flame, it rises one step with one bomb, when reaching the top, blow the bad guy out of the atmosphere. Takes a lot of practising before mastered, it’s quite hard to get the character to recieve the right bomb in time. Boring in the beginning but when the speed rises the fun does also! This is what a G&W should be: FUN! Nice one man!

Rating: 91%