Squish (MG-61)

Year released: 1986

Ziggy the mazeman is lost in the maze being controlled by a gruesome person called Grumpy. Grumpy moves the maze up, down, left and right from his upstair control room. Your task is to control Ziggy so that he will not get caught between the walls or the dead-end-maze. Game A is only a man to man combat with Grumpy but Game B differs quite much from Game A. Now you also have 4 mazebugs in every corner which you must zap out. If you ain’t fast enough the bugs revive one by one and when you have cleared a phase, the maze will start to move faster and the bugs revival becomes quicker. I think Squish is quite boring and despite that Game B is very different from Game A it wont happen that much. Too bad! Try Bombsweeper instead.

Rating: 70%