Zelda (ZL-65)

Year released: 1989

The last of the "multis", and the last but one of the G&W:s. Nintendo did of course reach a wider audience with the release of this game. I mean, who haven’t heard of the hero of Hyrule. I think they sold quite a few ones of this And a few of the attributes from the videogame is here: map, tomahawk, triforce and water of life. But despite these well known characters Nintendo didn’t make any fun of this. The only thing you have to do is to attack some ugly thing standing right in front of you and avoid attacks from below and back. The thing has some HP and when it reaches zero you advance to the next level. Do that three times and you will stand face to face with a huge dragon. I think its the biggest LCD-sprite ever in a G&W game. He is quite hard to beat. His fearsome flames destroys everything in it’s way. When he’s dead you will start all over again but everything is a little harder i.e more HP for your enemy and more stabbing characters from down under. Looks so cool but unfortunately it sucks!

Rating: 68%