C:s speedmetal talks

What’s this about then? Well, besides my little G&W-collection i have a little interest in the soft sounds of metal so i wanted to share my music influences with you and you can of course write down your own suggestions and thoughts of really good speed/thrash/death/black and heavy metal. It will not be any deep digging in everything, only some own feelings and thoughts. I think i’ts a kind music that more people should listen to, especially those who have a little problem with aggressions and can’t get rid of it in a decent way. There will be some stuff about the really best bands and musicians: Old Metallica (R.I.P), Old Anthrax (R.I.P), Death, Old Kreator (R.I.P), Dimmu Borgir, Fear Factory, Old Carcass (R.I.P), Napalm Death, S.O.D, Sean Reinert (GOD), Sanctuary and more! All which has let me live my life a little easier over the years. (I’m not any misfit nerd though!!!!) I play drums by myself and know what i’m talking about when it’s speed.

People who’s listening to this kind of music for the first time often say that its not that bad, (must say that there are quite many band who really suck!) but they should get rid of the singer. At first glance i must say that i agree. I can’t blame them for not taking the song of mayhemic darkness into their hearts. But it takes a little time to get used to it but when they done it, there stuck! You "must" have a singer who sings a little disrupted. I mean, who wants to listen to crap bands like Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, or the worst of them all; Jimi Hendrix, (thats what i call insufferable noice), when you can lean back, close your eyes and let the sweet tones of Dimmu Borgir flow throw your body. I must say that i get very good self-confidence and a feeling i really can’t explain when im listening to some really good symphonic death metal. People say: -You can’t hear a word of what they sing. Yes its true! But who gives a f**k. I’m listening to the music, and try to translate Bob Dylans last record and get his message or the before mentioned Jimi Hendrix. Impossible? Yes! So cut the crap folks!

First there was nothing. Then came Metallica. It was probably Motörhead who started the whole thing but it was Metallica who made it sound good. I remember listening to Whiplash in a radioprogram i Sweden called "Rockbox". I was stuck! I had just began to listen to some hardrock, Iron Maiden, but i wanted something more screamy and faster. Metallica got me instantly. They had it all: speed, melodius, straight and fun. And what happened to them? ( I will put this Metallica story to a close end because i hate them now ) Cliff died in the very small town Dörarp in Sweden and more? Metallica=R.I.P You were my altime favorite guys Metallica but what did you do. Yes, We now have as much money that we can do what ever we wan’t, i heard on the radio and what did i think then?. Cool, they will of course start to play some speed/death thing because they want to shock. But you all know what happened! They started to play some shit commercial kind of metal which is undescribable. I was yor biggest fan but now! Now i wouldn’t care if i met them at the street. I will put a signlist were you can wote to: Do you think that Metallica died when Cliff died? And they were not the only band who decieved us. Kreator, Carcass, Helloween and not to forget Anthrax, who sucked almost as much as Metallica after a while. The only band who hasn’t left us is Death but they are gone forever. And hey!...you guys in Kreator, please use the same tones you used in Coma of souls. Haven’t heard so fast guitars ever. You were so good!!!!!!

I will leave those betrayers now. Metallica you was the best, but now........ you’re the worst! Sorry! i never thought that i should turn the TV off when i see them but it happens every day. Shit, shit, shit..............

When we now have left the sorrow of Metallica, its time for some real Metal stuff. What am i listening to?

Dimmu Borgirs "Enthrone, darkness, Triumphant" has beeen in My CD every day for about two months now and i just can’t stop listening to them. Some diehard deathmetal fans would probably call this record a commersial one but i think it’s quite the opposite. In "real" Death Metal you only hear some frogsong and something "called" music. I can’t hear anything so i must say that it sucks. But Dimmu has somehow released a record with unbelivable good sound. Everything is so clear and they have really succeded to remain the true virtue of metal namely: speed, brutality, originality and the heavyness. They have throwed in pianos, synthesizers, choirs, brutal singing and some, must say this, silly "devil text" in a way i never though was possible. But i must say, that if it wasn’t for their superb sound they would probably be just "another" speed band. Keep on going Dimmu! DO NOT RELEASE SOME COMMERSIAL SHIT IN THE FUTURE, PLEASE!!!!!

There is no better than listening to bands who just started to climb the metal top. So listen to above Dimmu!!

Fear Factory done it two years ago when they released their "Replica".. Soooo f**king cool bassdrumming. Not the fastest but probably the tightest one around! Must say that the drums "consists" to 70% of the sound. Have tried quite awhile (2 years) now to play like their drummer. And i think i got it now! (Must buy a new doublepedal, the clack in it wont make it easier) They blend "normal" singing with a more brutal kind and it sounds so good. Really good sound. Heard the Philips commersial anyone?


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